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Virtual Agents Are Easing Corporate Workloads and Improving Efficiency

Our virtual agents are equipped with specialized knowledge graphs and language models that enable them to comprehend and respond to complex queries, perform tasks, and offer solutions with a level of understanding and nuance that mirrors human thought processes. By doing so, they transcend the traditional boundaries of digital assistance, evolving into proactive partners that anticipate needs and streamline interactions.

Achieving high accuracy with Virtual Agents powered by foundation-models/large language models requires training on synthetic data, a process that presents significant challenges. To overcome these, we've also innovated additional methods to ensure our Virtual Agents are precise and validated.

LLMs and KGs Fusion 

In human-digital agent interactions, mapping natural language to formal language is crucial for effective communication. LLMs and transformers help bridge this gap by interpreting and translating human instructions, expressed in natural language, into formal language that digital agents can understand and execute. This process involves extracting essential information, understanding context, and converting instructions into actionable commands, enabling digital agents to perform tasks efficiently and interact seamlessly with humans. 

However, while these tools offer significant benefits for enhancing digital agents intelligence, they can sometimes generate inaccurate or hallucinated information.
At AiGENT-TECH, we seamlessly integrate LLMs with our ontology-based reasoning and planning mechanisms. To ensure digital agents consistently demonstrate appropriate and ethical actions, we employ logical controllers that govern their behaviour and decision-making.


In today's fast-paced business environment, accessing and understanding your data efficiently can be the difference between leading the market and lagging behind.

Our Chat-with-Your-Data agent is designed to bridge the gap between complex data sets and actionable insights, making it easier than ever for you to engage with your information.

Our Chat-with-Your-Data agent transforms the way businesses interact with their data. Instead of navigating through spreadsheets or databases, you can simply converse with your data through a user-friendly chat interface. Ask questions, request reports, or get predictions—all in natural language.

Our virtual agents are equipped with the ability to parse vast amounts of data, understand context, and deliver precise answers in real-time. Whether you're looking for sales forecasts, customer behavior insights, or operational efficiencies, Chat-with-Your-Data agent provides you with the intelligence you need at your fingertips.


Videos are a vital source of information, education, and entertainment. However, navigating through hours of content to find the information you need can be time-consuming and inefficient. Chat-with-Your-Video revolutionizes how you interact with video content, making it as easy as having a conversation.

Our innovative technology leverages cutting-edge intelligent virtual agents to provide a seamless, interactive video experience. Through a simple chat interface, users can communicate directly with their video content, asking questions, seeking explanations, or jumping to specific parts of the video without manually scrubbing through the timeline.

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