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Using deep-reinforcement learning, model-based planning, situation awareness & understanding 

we enable physical & virtual agents team-up

Founded in 2017, we enable complex multi-agent (robots) auto-missions with or without humans in the loop.

Our field proven solutions handle physical & virtual multi-agent and multi-action complex missions, taking into account agents common-mission goals.

In order to meet full autonomy and support real-life mission-critical tasks we use a unique combination of model-free deep-reinforcement-learning and model-based planning

Planning & learning algorithms require fast and accurate digital-twin simulators

Our Trained-By-Simulator and Sim-2-Real-Simulator support acceleration of more than 1000X, enabling cost effective training of multi-agent systems with reduced time-to-market and low-latency real-time planning.


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The AiGENT-TECH team has a very rich track record of past successes in developing and deploying complex technology products.

With strong theoretical AI background & proven engineering know-how we create the smartest digital workforce of tomorrow