At least 35% faster while saving 30% of travel expenses during rush hours …    

On-demand, door-to-door seamless rail-centric multimodal transportation services …

Our rail-centric multimodal managed rides platform revolutionizes suburban & urban commuters experience

We create the future of mass-transport operating-system for very large scale areas & mega-cities ...


Unlike multimodal ride-planning applications (2nd gen, informative), our rail-centric managed-rides (3rd gen, proactive) platform supports:

  • Real-time seamless synchronization between all hops (ridesharing-train-ridesharing) for smooth experience  

  • Real-time door-to-door ETA updates as well as single click dynamic upfront pricing/ticketing

  • Proactive commuter handler in case of traffic congestion or any unexpected monitored events


  • Full-stack on-demand door-to-door ridesharing/smart shuttles for first and last miles

  • Full-stack navigation and routing services reducing operation costs

  • Data driven simulation and planning tools for optimal service planning   


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