We help transit

operators to embrace on-demand ridesharing dispatch, navigation and routing solutions.  

We adapt to both single mode and multimodal environments to tailor your needs. 

AiGENT-TECH develops advanced on-demand ridesharing solutions. We help implement dispatch, navigation and routing technology, allowing transit operators to transition from a pre-booking service to an on-demand one. Applying deep reinforcement learning algorithms, in-house probabilistic modeling and inference engines, AiGENT-TECH’s technology allows transit companies to offer better efficiency, higher quality service, all at a more affordable pricing to their customer base




Time saved


Cost saved


More rides

Product Details

  • On-demand dispatcher

  • Dynamic traffic models

  • Turn-by-Turn navigation services

  • Real-time-data driven multimodal planner

  • Continuous real-time ETA updates

  • Upfront pricing engine 

  • Deep-RL opponents learning engine

  • Proactive commuter handler 

  • Data driven digital twin simulator

  • EV routing & charging engine 

  • Analytics

Proactive ride management system

  • Real time ETA/ETP updates

  • Responsive to live events

  • Constantly optimizing commuters flow


  • Seamless integration with your existing IT platforms

  • Features tailored for your needs

  • 24/7 support 




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