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Building Digital Intelligence for Everything

At AiGENT-TECH, we pioneer the creation of intelligent systems that transform two key domains:

  • Empowering robots with advanced intelligence to enhance their capabilities in the physical world.

  • Crafting intelligent virtual agents to boost enterprise business performance.

Our core technologies leverage the precision of Large Language Models (LLMs), Knowledge Graphs (KGs), and the predictive power of Physical & Virtual World Models to engineer AiGENTs, that redefine adaptability and efficiency in their respective domains.

Virtual agents can be seen as a subset of intelligent robotics, focusing on digital interaction rather than physical tasks. They utilize large language models (LLMs) and machine learning to understand and respond to human queries, making them the non-physical embodiment of robotics' cognitive capabilities.

Robots and Virtual Agents.jpg
Robots and Virtual Agents 3D A.jpg
Robots and Virtual Agents 3D A.jpg

In the physical vertical, our technology integrates real-world physics into the AI's decision-making process, enabling robots to understand and interact with their environment in ways previously thought impossible. 

In the virtual domain, we tailor our technology to comprehend and operate within digital landscapes, applying the same depth of understanding to navigate software ecosystems, manage data flows, and interact with users seamlessly. Here, virtual AiGENTs become more than mere tools; they evolve into proactive entities that anticipate needs and offer intelligent solutions.

By marrying these advanced technologies with our specific focus on each vertical, AiGENT-TECH crafts intelligent agents that are not just reactive but truly intuitive, capable of leading the way in innovation and application across both physical and digital spectrums.


Developing advanced AI solutions requires deep knowledge, detailed design, unique validation mechanisms and tailored customization, particularly in the absence of "General AI."

We specialize in providing advanced autonomy solutions for robotics, virtual agents and non-human decision-making systems, tailoring solutions to specific needs for over 7 years.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually update our offerings with the latest advancements, fuelled by our passion for developing "General AI", a goal we acknowledge will require time to achieve.


The AiGENT-TECH team has a very rich track record of past successes in developing and deploying complex technology products.

With strong theoretical AI background & proven engineering know-how we create the smartest digital workforce of tomorrow 

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