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Cognitive Digital Workforce

@ Your Service

AiGENT-KYNA © assists technical-support contact centers and IT firms to increase financial results, capacity and performance while reducing OPEX and human mistakes. Using our AI probabilistic reasoning and learning algorithms, we enable firms to: maintain end-customer loyalty, reduce OPEX, provide creative and error free technical-support services.

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Technical Support AiGENTs

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Added Values

By Far Best Performance

  • Deep-Planning & Situation awareness learning solution

  • Highest success rate of problem resolving w/o human agent involvement

  • Minimal interaction time per session 

 Agility & Adaptivity

  • Supported Product – Learning/Modeling new products autonomously vs. manual data insertion (which is expensive and inaccurate)

  • End user personalization – taking into account end user technical skill set (reducing interaction time and develop stronger emotional connections with consumers)

  • Manipulating End-User IFs (NLP, Media content, etc) to optimize RL performance 


  • AiGENT Technical Expert is the only solution that is ‘truly’ targeting professional technical support vs. “sure, our BOT provides Technical support as well …”

  • Specific ALGO domain vs. a general solution which is not realistic as of today.

Learning Based On Experience 

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