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Digital Cortex Brain 
For Robots

An Add-On Digital Cortex Brain 

Our IQ-130 solution is an add-on intelligence-ability that upgrades any robot to be an intelligent robot. IQ-130 can be attached to a robot or remotely enhance any robot reasoning, planning, acting, decision-making & teaming capabilities.

IQ-130 lets robots to smoothly function in an unstructured, first-time-seen environment while teaming with humans and other robots using a common domain-specific ontology.          

IQ130 SOM - our logo.jpg

IQ-130 Features 

- Human-Machine & Machine-Machine interaction

- Support complex tasks 

- Support amorphic missions

- Support amorphic teaming missions

- Support first-time-seen environments 

- Embedded low-fidelity world models  

- Embedded domain-specific KG

- Ontology based reasoning engine

- Abstract low-latency planner 

- Input: semantic I/F (objects)

- Output: High level actions (actuators)

Use Cases

IQ-130 was designed as an add-on intelligence-ability for service robots, industrial robots, warehouse robots, home robots and any autonomous platform which faces unstructured, first-time-seen environment.    

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