AiGENT-TECH develops next generation intelligent transportation services (ITS) planning and operation platforms, supporting smart cities transportation revolution. Optimizing and managing multi-modal pooling, electrification and automation, AiGENT-TECH improves urban areas standard of living: 

  • Reduced traffic congestion

  • Reduced pollution

  • Improved safety and cost of living   

Intelligent transportation services (ITS) brings clear added values to the municipal, end-users and the service providers. 

In addition, ITS are very complex 'high-tech' products and should be built on state-of-the-art technologies, maximizing their value and excelling in highly competitive markets. As such, we take into account the entire 'urban transportation situation' before any decision making, just like a human expert does handling a critical mission. Moreover, when the number of variables in a given mission is over a dozen the need for digital cognitive assistance turns to be a must.


  • Multi-modal/multi-service platform supporting EVs, public trains, public buses, scooters for holistic ITS experience 

  • Patented deep-RL opponents learning module enabling unbeatable upfront pricing engine 

  • Maximum vehicles utilization driven by a powerful combined scheduling & routing AI engine  

  • 'On-the-Go' dynamic & managed QoS, supporting patented internal bidding

  • In-house e-Mobility full stack development ... eliminating royalties & 'right-to-use' constraints 

  • Multi-layer electrification management solution maximizing service efficiency 

  • Real-time emulator to learn and validate off-line service strategy  

  • Vehicles OPEX optimization

  • Scalable solution supporting very large fleets and large geographical areas 

  • Micro modeling supporting urban semi realistic scenarios 

Data Driven Multimodal e-Mobility Platform, Powered By Deep-Reinforcement 

Learning Engines: 

  • Unbeatable Monetization Layer 

  • Multimodal & Multi Service e-Mobility  

  • Automotive Data Cleaning & Modeling   

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