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We help transit

operators to embrace on-demand ridesharing dispatch, navigation and routing solutions.  

We adapt to both single mode and multimodal environments to tailor your needs. 

AiGENT-TECH develops advanced on-demand ridesharing solutions. We help implement dispatch, navigation and routing technology, allowing transit operators to transition from a pre-booking service to an on-demand one. Applying deep reinforcement learning algorithms, in-house probabilistic modeling and inference engines, AiGENT-TECH’s technology allows transit companies to offer better efficiency, higher quality service, all at a more affordable pricing to their customer base

Our Products



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AiGENT-TECH Conductor© is built as a stack-able solution, helping our customers pick the features needed for providing more efficient ridesharing on-demand services. Whether in a single or multimodal environment, our dispatch, navigation and routing technology offer transit operators on-demand services that are more efficient and of higher quality service lastly, AiGENT-TECH’s technology rests on OSM, allowing for more affordable pricing.



Time saved


Cost saved


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Our Customers

  • Taxi, Bus & Mini-Bus Operators: Enables transition from pre-booking ridesharing services to on-demand services. 

  • Corporate, School, Health Fleet Operators: Better route planning reduces operation cost and increases efficiency 

  • Freight Companies: Combination of planned and on-demand deliveries.

  • Public Transit Agencies & Cities: Offers the ability to use on demand transit in multimodal environments

Product Details

  • On-demand dispatcher

  • Dynamic traffic models

  • Turn-by-Turn navigation services

  • Real-time-data driven multimodal planner

  • Continuous real-time ETA updates

  • Upfront pricing engine 

  • Deep-RL opponents learning engine

  • Proactive commuter handler 

  • Data driven digital twin simulator

  • EV routing & charging engine 

  • Analytics


Proactive ride management system

  • Real time ETA/ETP updates

  • Responsive to live events

  • Constantly optimizing commuters flow



  • Seamless integration with your existing IT platforms

  • Features tailored for your needs

  • 24/7 support 

How it works

We apply probabilistic modeling, deep reinforcement learning framework as well as OSM based navigation and routing functions. This provides our, customers, with an affordable solution that helps maximizing operational efficiency in an already very competitive market landscape. Our technology further includes:

  • Patented opponents learning algorithms combined with statistical upfront pricing engine allowing operations to maximize operating profit whilst servicing your customers

  • Our Quality of Service (QoS) engine, provides you with an excellent commuter experience relaying on dynamic traffic models

  • Demand aware smart routing keeps service OPEX at a minimum, whilst supporting electric vehicle (EV) routing and charging in case of need

Our technology


Multimodal Managed Rides

Mass transit operators can utilize AiGENT-TECH's on-demand ridesharing platform to offer door-to-door services to their customers. Our multimodal platform allows transit operators to combine various transportation mediums in order to provide affordable and seamless experience to commuters.  


The AiGENT-TECH team has a very rich track record of past successes in developing and deploying complex technology products. With strong collective technological and engineering know-how needed to resolve complex challenges, AiGENT-TECH is well positioned to face tomorrow's mobility challenges. 


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