Electric-On-Demand Public Transport Platform

Hermes, an AI based cloud platform, autonomously provides Electric-On-Demand Urban Public Transport services, including:

  • Multi-modal ridesharing (available)

  • Single-hop ridesharing (available)

  • Car-sharing (available)

  • Scooters (available)

  • Multi-hop ridesharing

  • Single-hop last-mile deliveries (available) 

  • Multi-hop last-mile deliveries 

  • and future transportation services such as shopping-on-the-go, etc

Hermes has 3 components for each service:

  • Cloud based, application specific AI engine which autonomously runs the service 

  • Connected vehicle application and/or Driver application to mange and control the specific vehicle 

  • Intuitive and easy to use end-user application 

Hermes is a complex system which has the following subsystems:

  • Urban entropy driven exploration layer 

  • Knowledge extraction layer

  • Urban reasoning layer including demand, competitors and routes engines 

  • Service layer including OPEX management and QoS engines  

  • Electrification layer which runs the operation in case of of BEVs 

  • Monetization layer including dynamic upfront-pricing and internal bidding engines

Service Customization

  • Hermes uses deep reinforcement learning AI engine to optimize various parameters for a given service, resulting tailored application for a specific city.

  • It takes 3-5 weeks to deploy a service in a new urban area

  • Once the service is deployed, Hermes AI engine will keep on learning adapting his decisions to the dynamic real-world environment, just like a human expert does   

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