Upfront & Dynamic Deep Reinforcement Fast Learning Pricing Engine

Plouton, upfront pricing engine, makes sure your innovative mobility service will be relevant for your target customers in a highly competitive price-driven market.

Using model-based / model-free deep-RL fast learning algorithms, Plouton is capable to quote upfront pricing for the most complex scenarios such as "mixed ride-sharing & last-mile" services, while taking into account the entire competitive business arena.


Unlike standard deep-RL algorithms, Plouton has no bootstrap effects as it is well trained using Athena emulator.   


Why use Plouton pricing engine

Upfront pricing is one of the most complicated tasks for intelligent transportation services. Plouton provides your service the following added values.


  • Plouton learns the competitive arena and updates his pricing policy on the fly, making sure your service prices are relevant at any moment.

  • In parallel, Plouton makes sure your service is always profitable taking into account the service OPEX 

  • Using combined 'exploration & exploitation' strategies enables Plouton to find the optimal pricing for your service as a function of date, time, demand, competition, etc

  • Plouton uses state of the art technologies leading ITS vendors try to develop in-house, understanding the added values of deep-RL based pricing engine

  • Plouton added values can be easily measured either off-line, using Athena emulator, or in real-time 

  • Plouton contains 'risk management' module to make sure only 'profitable proposals' are being executed - including statistical pricing cases (the most complex scenarios)                 

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