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Situation Awareness & Understanding Solution

At AiGENT-TECH, we create Strong AI Agents (AiGENTs). Using a novel blend of AI technologies - probabilistic models and inference engines driven by information entropy combined with Bayesian & Deep Reinforcement Learning - our AiGENTs learn faster, with smaller data set, resulting superior AI Agents, shortest TTM and training efforts.


Common Reasoning Digital Workforce 

Strong AI, a long-term goal of research, is the attempt to give machines the complete set of human intelligence, including:

  • Reason, solve problems, and make judgments under uncertainty

  • Represent knowledge

  • Plan

  • Learn

  • Communicate in natural language

  • and integrate all the above skills towards a common goal.

Weak AI, in contrast, does not attempt to perform the above full range of human cognitive abilities. 

At AiGENT-TECH, we develop strong AI agents (AiGENTs) that perceive their environment and take actions which maximize their chances of success.

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New Approaches 

to Common Reasoning


  • Statistical approaches to model human brain function (e.g. the cognitive abilities based on statistical principles).

  • Cloud based strong CPUs/GPUs, large memory pools.

  • Knowledge graphs & deep-RL algorithms.

our AiGENTs excel at any task.

Meeting human expert standards, AiGENT-TECH rational computing SW engine learns and adapts based on experience.


Rational Computing systems, which mimic the human brain decision making process, are designed in order to function in real world scenarios.


Like humans, Rational Computing systems should function under uncertainty, ambiguity, partial observation, dynamic environment and sometime even under wrong perception inputs (the most challenging cases).



In order to succeed in their missions, with high probability, Rational Computing systems should:

  • Actively learn on-line as information changes, and as goals and requirements evolve.

  • Remember previous interactions, in order to increase future success rates (learning based on experience).

  • Resolve ambiguity, tolerate uncertainty and wrong observations. 

  • Interact with the surrounding environment (sensing) and with their end-users so that those users can define their needs. 

  • Assist in 'defining the problem' by asking questions or finding additional input sources if a problem statement is ambiguous or incomplete.

  • Seamless integration with your existing IT platforms

  • Features tailored for your needs

  • 24/7 support 

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Deep Reasoning / Situation Awareness is the ability to estimate and predict a possible situation involving multiple actors and/or objects in different locations, in which actors may trigger events or activities occurring over time, and where the meaning of the situation is revealed by integrating previous knowledge with evidence from multiple sources.

We combine knowledge-graphs, probabilistic modeling, Bayesian inference and model based deep reinforcement learning framework to provide our customers Strong-AI-Agents. 

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The AiGENT-TECH team has a very rich track record of past successes in developing and deploying complex technology products.

With strong theoretical AI background & proven engineering know-how we create the smartest digital workforce of tomorrow 

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