May 19, 2018

Researchers have confronted us so many times of how humans get things wrong when it comes to decisions making ... "Humans misunderstand probability, pay attention to the wrong things and just mess up ... " 

Some psychologists believe that us...

December 9, 2017

In real-life environment, where uncertainty is inherent,  a model-free reinforcement learning approach (observations to actions direct mapping) requires a very large training data set. Practically, training data set is never complete and the resultin...

October 5, 2017

Understanding the uncertainty level of machine learning module output is a critical factor for the entire AI system best-next-action-selection task.

Today, most of the deep learning algorithms are unable to reflect their...

September 15, 2017

A rule-based system handles a finite number of rules and/or has a predefined workflow for them (e.g. decision trees).

Rule-based systems are very useful in a deterministic scenario, where the situation is predictable and repeatable...

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December 9, 2017

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