ITS Deep Reinforcement Policy Learning Emulator

Athena, AiGENT-TECH patented ITS real-time emulator, enables engineers, researchers and mobility experts to develop and explore winning strategies for their intelligent transportation services.

Athena emulates 1:1 urban intelligent transportation services (ITS), supporting ... 

  • Real city-streets/roads maps

  • Dynamic ITS demand models 

  • Dynamic traffic models

  • Real-time traffic observations

  • 1[sec] Emulation : 1[sec] Real-life

  • Run-time acceleration mode

  • Deep-RL framework to design and test various ITS strategies

  • Deep-RL framework to find best ITS policy to maximize your ITS profits

  • Record and playback modes to review step by step complex ITS episodes

  • and much more ...

On top of that Athena supports easy to use APIs in order to integrate your ITS data set and algorithms into Athena ITS emulation framework.


Why use Athena emulator

Intelligent transportation services are very complex operations to manage, with no predefined analytic solutions ... for example upfront pricing quotes.


  • Athena enables you to test, explore and validate different ITS solutions and strategies with a very low investment

  • Athena finds best ITS policy  maximizing your profits.

  • Running different strategies on the same urban scenarios provides the ultimate method to select your ITS solution

  • Using your big data, Athena Deep-RL framework can find for you the best policy for various problems including OEPX saving, pricing policies, etc

  • Athena predicts "what ... if ..." reducing your ITS operation risks

  • Last, Athena is an advanced and complex ITS emulation framework that is being used by leading ITS high-tech companies (some of them develop same solution in-house ). If your organization doesn't use these tools... your ITS strategy is at risk 

Unlike limited human planning process ... Athena uses a powerful cloud based processing power, taking into account the entire 'urban transportation situation' during policy learning.

Athena's multi-dimensional reward function lets service providers test off-line and understand the impact of their decisions on bottom-line profits.

Combining vehicles size, number of vehicles, working hours, OPEX, demand and pricing models ... into a single powerful emulation tool leads to a winning strategy vs. any other service provider in the same geographical area.


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