We develop mass-transport multimodal operating-system for very large scale areas, metropolitan and mega-cities. Connecting transportation authorities with mass-transport service providers (railways, door-to-door on-demand ridesharing services).

AiGENT-TECH enables new and innovative large scale, on-demand, door-to-door mass transport services for metropolitan (a dense urban city and its suburbans) areas and mega-cities.

Our rail-centric multimodal managed-rides simulation & operation platform:

  • Reduces commute duration (door-to-door) by at least 35% and expenses by 30%

  • Improves public transport commute experience (seamless door-to-door, fastest, affordable), resulting new revenues stream for railway service providers

  • As a  long term goal, our platform reduces traffic congestion and pollution ... but this is up to each one of us ...       

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