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Real world 3D models, 

based on digital fusion & data mining 

AiGENT-TECH develops 3D real-worlds models based on a 100% data mining.

Our 100% digital maps creation is based on smart data collection & digital fusion.

In an 'always-connected' world and the on-going digital transformation in every aspects of our life we believe this is the only  practical way to keep 3D digital maps up to date


real world 3d engine 

AiGENT-TECH Imagine-3D © engine creates real word 3D models based on web-collected digital data.

Our 3D models are created automatically based on smart digital data fusion.

AiGENT-TECH 3D models accuracy is getting better over time, including updates reflecting real world changing. 


AiGENT-TECH uses SMART data fusion algorithms in order to create real word 3D models.

We combine open source data sets with commercial data  to  build 3D models for any point on Earth.

Our technology combines symbolic data set with computer vision algorithms to create and tune 3D models.

Leveraging the on-going digital transformation at every aspect of our daily life, our 3D models can be updated using reliable sensory data to keep up-to-date as much as possible.  


  • Scale - Imagine-3D engine generates terrain, buildings and roads for large scale areas 

  • Shorten TTM - Imagine-3D engine reduce TTM, enabling  users to offer first order 3D model in a very short period of time

  • Cost effective - using open source data, Imagine-3D models are cost effective. For higher accuracy, Imagine-3D enables mixed models, in which you can control the cost  

  • Portable 3D models - our compact world models can be loaded into any platform, including ones lacking internet connection

  • Civilian & military  applications 

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